What is Peniaphobia?

What is Peniaphobia?


Peniaphobia is an irrational fear of poverty. It is a type of specific phobia which comes under the category of anxiety disorders. Someone suffering from it will experience extreme anxiety when exposed to or thinking about poverty. It is referred to as the phobia of the rich, who are scared of getting poor.

Peniaphobia Definition

Peniaphobia is the fear of poverty or poor people.

What are Peniaphobia Symptoms?

Symptoms one experiences in Peniaphobia are:

  • Excessive anxiety when exposed to poverty/losing money
  • Excessive anxiety when thinking about poverty
  • Inability to manage anxiety
  • Full-blown panic attacks

What are the Causes of Peniaphobia?

Like every other specific phobia, Peniaphobia is a result of either genetics or a past traumatic experience. Someone who has a family history of anxiety disorders or specific phobias has a higher chance of developing Peniaphobia than someone who doesn’t.

Peniaphobia Treatment

The root cause of being Peniaphobic is an unconscious mental association that links poverty to powerful feelings of fear. The most effective treatment for Peniaphobia is exposure to poverty and eventually building an immunity. Some other treatment methods include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Peniaphobia Pronunciation

Peniaphobia is pronounced as peh-nee-uh-foh-bee-uh.

Peniaphobia in Spanish

Peniaphobia in Spanish is peniafobia.

Peniaphobia Vs Xenophobia

Peniaphobia is the fear of poverty or poor people, while xenophobia is the fear of people from other countries or cultures. These words are very different, they just rhythm together.

Conclusion: Peniaphobia is the Fear of what?

Peniaphobia is the fear of poverty or poor people. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this fear is only by poor people. In fact, it is the rich people that are most afraid of poverty.

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