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A. KABIR is Passionate Writer and Founder of AK Library. An e-Library that provides you with resources to learn fast on new and trending topics globally.

For ages, knowledge has been hidden in libraries to restrict public access. But in this digital age, especially with the advent of social media, knowledge has grown wings and flown to far conners of the world. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be slowed!


With the advent of the internet, wireless transmission of information made knowledge easily transferrable across the world.  Then came the social media which is like a thunder bolt to it. It added more speed and less restrictions. Further enhancing the sharing of knowledge across.

Now, the issue is how to transfer information, or how to transfer knowledge, no. The issue is that now people are bombarded with loads of information, most of which is useless. The Purpose of AK Library is to help readers with not just information but the TRUTH.

I believe now, more than ever, people need the TRUTH. The unbiased and uncensored TRUTH. As the Saying goes, only the TRUTH will set you free.

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My First Book

My first book is the Secret of All Times in which i explored different truths about life and living. It was the book in which i began to research a lot about what living entails.


My Second Book

The second book i wrote is Manifestation Alchemy This book took me about 2yrs to write. Because i was constantly asking my self questions on whether what i wrote was the real Truth or just a perspective truth.

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